80 years of the Porto Ageas Coliseum Christmas Circus celebrated at NorteShopping

Between September 24th and October 3rd, the shopping center hosts a photo exhibition “O espetáculo tem de continuar!”, which brings together 80 works by seven photographers and photojournalists.

The schedule of “Cultura no Centro” for the month of September also includes an itinerant performance by artist Rui Paixão, on the 25th, which promises to surprise visitors to NorteShopping.

NorteShopping remains committed to giving a voice to the culture sector and the exhibition “O espetáculo tem de continuar!” is part of that path. Between September 24th and October 3rd, on Floor 0, the shopping center presents “rostos de um setor em frágil equilíbrio”, through 80 images that celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Christmas Circus at Coliseu Porto Ageas.

Months away from yet another return from the Circus to the Coliseum, as has been the case annually since 1941, the exhibition aims not only to celebrate this special anniversary but also to honor this Christmas tradition which, against the most pessimistic expectations, due to the pandemic, was fulfilled in 2020.

Curated by Tiago Bartolomeu Costa, show critic and specialist in contemporary circus, the show includes images by photographers and photojournalists who have been capturing the essence of this show over the years, such as Adam Iluk, André Lousada, Filipa Brito, Filipe Raposo, Lara Jacinto, Rita França and Teresa Mesquita.

For Paulo Valentim, director of NorteShopping, “it is very important for the center to serve as a stage to present so many national faces and talents from such a fragile sector and a spectacle that always marks our Christmas. Circus art is part of the Culture that we want to promote and support at NorteShopping.”

O espetáculo tem de continuar!”, which will run until October 3 at NorteShopping, reflects the history of the Coliseum’s Christmas Circus, from original aerial stunts to illusionism, passing through the Chinese mast and juggling. The exhibition is free to enter and is available for viewing between 10:00 am and 11:00 pm.

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