9 Miller and Jon. release today the music video for “Chá”

Feat. Lhast & Murta

9 Miller and jon., in collaboration with Lhast and Murta, today released the music video for the theme Chá. Chá is one of the tracks that integrates the new EP by 9 Miller and jon., Transparente, which was released on the 17th of June.

In the words of 9 Miller, this new theme emerged with some naturalness and a desire to collaborate with other artists: «Jon. produced something incredible where we both saw that a sexy theme could be born. When I heard the beat, a lyric came up automatically, and in one of the sessions where Lhast was present and started singing the chorus. We still felt the need to complement the sound in some way and Murta was the voice we saw in that environment and it happened»

In turn, Murta, who collaborated on the music like Lhast, says that «On one of the trips to the Real Caviar studio, jon. and 9 showed me the beat and presented me with the idea, I already had the Lhast chorus and I felt the wave right away. Then the process was simple, we worked on the sound in an organic way and I wrote my verse that talks about longing, longing for someone you love and for whom you feel admiration but who you can’t stay with. Speaking from experience, not being able to stay rarely implies not being able to “have”, there is always a tension, and as she already knows the address…»

9 Miller takes the LG stage of the MEO Sudoeste festival on August 6th, in what will be the opportunity to hear the new sounds that the talented rapper has been preparing this year.

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