9 Miller presents new single “Sangue” from the EP to be released in September

“Sangue” is 9 Miller’s latest theme, taken from the EP, which will be available as early as September. This is a project resulting from the quarantine, it comes from the need to make public some sounds that the artist was creating in this difficult time that we all live.

With production of AGIR and lyrics signed by himself, “Sangue” reveals a little more of 9 Miller’s life path and the constant struggle to achieve his dreams.

9 Miller started writing rhymes at the age of 14, when he heard Eminem, Jack, Sam the Kid and Regula, his main inspirations. It gained national visibility and its singles “Limonada” and “Filho da Guida“, have more than 12 million views on YouTube.

With his flow, aggressive punchlines and heavy themes, 9 Miller created a unique brand in national rap. Always biographical, however, he showed that there is more than beefs and conflicts.

After reaching the Single Gold label with 3 of his singles, “Filho da Guida” and “De Volta feat. Act ”, 9 Miller released “Problems” feat. Kombat and “Só eu Sei” feat. T-Rex where he returned to the denser themes, always autobiographical, consolidating with his truth a very specific sonority and trajectory.

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