“A canção da Bia” first single from Beatriz Felício’s debut album

arriving in 2024

Beatriz Felício is preparing to release her first album of originals with the seal of the Fado Museum and the anticipation single, “A canção da Bia” will be released on September 29th, the same day she will perform on the main stage of the Festival Santa Casa Alfama.

“A canção da Bia” has lyrics by Tiago Correia, who describes the theme as a “portrait of Beatriz”:
Writing to Beatriz Felício is simple and so special. Because I know your heart, your dreams, your fears, the challenges you face. 14 years ago, when we were still little, we joined hands in a deep friendship where some of the most beautiful memories of my life belong. I am a confessed admirer of her voice and the ease with which she expresses her soul through the words of the poets she interprets so well. It is a dream for Portuguese lyricists, poets and composers to see an artist like Beatriz Felício, immortalize the verses and compositions that are being created, and that she so especially defends with her very special voice. A Canção da Bia is a portrait of the girl who, with all her soul, learned from life how to dance and savor love, which always existed in her way of being and being, but which was decoded over the years as she o was understanding the reasons for love. It is this light of hers, this encounter with her way of being, combined with her gaze as a free girl always discovering the most beautiful things that life has that I decided to write and define as Bia’s Song. I showed it to Ângelo Freire and without me telling him, he realized that this letter was the portrait of Beatriz Felício. And so this Song was born.

The composition was done by Ângelo Freire:
When I received the lyrics from Tiago, he didn’t tell me who he had written them for, so I quickly wrote the song and told him that only one person could sing it, Beatriz Felício, and that’s when he told me that he had written it. lyrics for her…
I think the energy of the theme defines Beatriz’s vibe well, a girl/woman with contagious happiness, being a very intense person, she can pass on all this energy to those around her. I’m very proud of her.
I sincerely hope you have fun listening to “A Canção da Bia”.

Beatriz Felício discovered Fado during her childhood and has been creating her own artistic identity, without ever distorting the tradition. It was at Casas de Fado in Lisbon that she learned from her elders and chose her references, such as Amália Rodrigues, Fernanda Maria, or Carminho. Currently, we can hear her singing in the most iconic Fado Houses in Lisbon, having also begun her international journey, taking Fado across borders. She won the “Prémios Novos Talentos Ageas” in 2022, the same year she performed at the WOMEX opening ceremony, and is now preparing to release her highly anticipated debut album.

Authorships and Technical Sheet
Lyrics – Tiago Correia | Music – Ângelo Freire
Voice | Beatriz Felício
Portuguese Guitar | Angelo Freire
Fado Viola | Angelo Freire
Acoustic Bass | Marino de Freitas
Musical Production and Arrangements: Ângelo Freire
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nelson Canoa at Canoa Studios

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