Spanish singer Judeline makes her debut in Portugal


Judeline is one of the biggest promises in Spanish music. The singer who mixes pop and electronic with elements of traditional music from southern Spain makes her debut in Portugal on April 12th with a concert under her name at Musicbox, in Lisbon.

Born in Jerez de la Frontera, in the south of Spain, in 2003, Lara Castrelo has gone by Judeline – a name taken from “Hey Jude”, by the Beatles, one of her father’s favorite songs – since 2020.

At just 17, she moved to Madrid to study Visual Arts, but music quickly became a priority. Between 2020 and 2021, he released the singles “Solo Quiero Huir”, “De una Manera”, “Nueva en la Ciudad” and “Sustancia”, collaborating with artists such as Alizzz, Oddliquor and Tuiste, and from an early age he showed that he had his voice and a unique and original sound, navigating with ease between flamenco, trap, R&B and reggaeton. In her music, Judeline constantly references Andalusian and Gaditan culture, drawing on the musical tradition of southern Spain and paying homage to it at the same time.

This connection with Spanish culture is evident in de la luz, the 2022 EP that consolidated the singer from Cádiz as one of the biggest promises in Spanish music, confirming the potential that her first singles promised. Throughout 5 songs and just over 10 minutes, de la luz is a portrait of a “niña del sur”, as she describes herself, mixing claps and flamenco guitars with elements of contemporary pop and electronica, creating a sound that brings together the past, present and future while navigating new territories without losing connection with the musical traditions of your country.

In 2023, she signed with Interscope Records, home to artists such as Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar and Bad Gyal, and released the singles “CANIJO” and “2 + 1”.

On April 12th, Judeline will perform for the first time in Portugal with a concert under her name at Musicbox, in Lisbon. Tickets cost €15 and are on sale at

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