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The city of Praia, Cape Verde, will premiere the play “Segundo Sacrifico” by Cape Verdean writer João Vário

The premiere will be on the 25th of this month, at the National Auditorium.

The UMColetivoTeatro group, a Portuguese theater company, is in Cape Verde, with the support of the Fladu Fla Theater company to finalize preparations for a play based on the work of João Vário.

According to the Director General of Culture and Creative Industries, Adilson Gomes, this collective that is in Cape Verde will give continuity to a partnership that began in 2019 that it hopes to maintain for the next years.

The idea is to bring Cape Verdean actors to the theater. We are starting with this show of the work of João Vário, which will have artists from PALOPs (African Countries with Portuguese Official Language). We are setting a very interesting precedent, which is to start bringing PALOP countries to collaborate with us”, he says.

Adilson Gomes made it known that the whole show will be built in Cape Verde. “Our initial idea is for the show to go to Mindelo, within Mindelact, but we did not succeed because of the pandemic and the country’s financial situation. We are going to do what the pandemic is letting us do, and we hope that other plays will be staged by this collective and other Cape Verdean actors will also be worked on, not only on the island of Santiago but also on the other islands”.



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