The Cooperativa Nascente is preparing an event to celebrate World Book Day

The Cooperativa Nascente is preparing for World Book Day an in-person and ‘online’ event that will involve reading extracts from 100 literary works by 100 participants

April 23 is celebrated World Book Day and the Cooperativa Nascente is organizing a project to celebrate the date and counts on you. It is about organizing and presenting the reading of short excerpts from 100 books, of romance or poetry, at the choice of the participants.

Anyone interested in participating in the event should choose one of their favorite books and record a video, using their cell phone or camera, reading a short excerpt. The recording limit must be 3 minutes. Then, the participants should send the video to the email with their identification, first and last name of the participant, and the title and author of the book from which they read the passage.

All participants will receive a valid invitation for two people for the face-to-face public session, to be held on April 23, and three annual subscriptions to Ler Magazine will be drawn by the participants.

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