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With a 45-year career, the 2022 Latin Grammy-winning group opens the Sunset Music Brazil Festival, on August 9, at Palaphita, in Cascais.

From August onwards, Sunset Music Brazil takes great names in Brazilian music to Palaphita, in Cascais. The project will take place monthly, in what is already one of the most popular and beautiful spaces in Cascais, located in Casa da Guia. Tickets for the first edition are on sale.

The Festival’s premiere, which will take place on August 9, at 6 pm, pays tribute to rock, and will feature the iconic Brazilian group A Cor do Som, which won the Latin Grammy in the category of best rock album. or alternative music in Portuguese with his album “Álbum Rosa”. The next Sunset Music Brasil attractions will be Rua das Pretas, on September 13th, and Mart’nália, on October 11th.

In the concert lineup, the group A Cor do Som will present sung hits that marked generations, included in TV Globo soundtracks and leaders of execution on radios, such as ‘Menino Deus’, ‘Abri a Porta’, ‘Palco’, ‘Zanzibar’, ‘Zero’ e ‘Magia Tropical’, ‘Swingue Menina’, ‘Beleza Pura’, ‘Semente do Amor’ and ‘Alto Astral’‘, in addition to playing instrumental hits such as ‘Pororocas’, ‘Saudação à Paz’ and ‘Frutificar’.

With its unusual and organic fusion of pop, choro, electric trio, and progressive, A Cor do Som was the great surprise of Brazilian music in the late 1970s, anticipating the rock that would prevail in the following decade. From the 21st century onwards, the original sound of A Cor, which anticipated the mixture of rock with Brazilian rhythms, was once again valued, cited as a reference by many of the artists“, comments Antônio Carlos Miguel (Brazilian journalist specializing in music), about the band’s success.

Partnerships with Moraes Moreira and Fausto Nilo and compositions made especially for A Cor do Som by Caetano Veloso (Menino Deus) and Gilberto Gil (Palco) also ensured high performances on radio and TV stations and sold-out shows throughout Brazil.

In addition to the Latin Grammy for the “Álbum Rosa”, released in 2021 on digital platforms and which has just been released in vinyl format, A Cor do Som collects other trophies such as the Sharp Awards, for the album “A Cor do Som Ao Vivo no Circo ” and the Tim Music Award, for the work “A Cor do Som Acústico”.

The award-winning group has 14 discs and a DVD published, and continues with its formation intact throughout more than four decades of its career. Both in recordings and in concerts, A Cor do Som features super special guest appearances by artists such as Caetano Veloso, Daniela Mercury, Moraes Moreira, Gilberto Gil, Roupa Nova, 14 Bis, Lulu Santos, Skank, Djavan, Paulinho Moska, Samuel Rosa and Flavio Venturini.

The Color of Sound is formed by:
Dadi Carvalho, the bassist, and composer revered by artists such as Caetano Veloso, who composed the song ‘Leãozinho’ for him. Dadi is a partner and has followed Os Tribalistas and Marisa Monte since the beginning of their careers. The musician was part of Novos Baianos in its original formation, still in the early 70’s, in addition to having accompanied Jorge Benjor’s band.

Armandinho Macêdo, guitarist, mandolinist, and composer has more than 55 years of career and 40 albums edited. Armandinho is the son of Osmar, one of the inventors of the electric trio, and also became a reference in Bahia’s Carnival, with his Bahian guitar. The artist was honored by Caetano Veloso with the song Armandinho and by Baden Powell with the song ‘Um abraço‘ at Trio Elétrico.

Mú Carvalho, is a pianist, composer, and music producer responsible for numerous successful soundtracks for TV Globo. Mú composed songs that blew up in the voices of Roupa Nova such as ‘Sapato Velho’ and those recorded by his own group A Cor do Som such as ‘Semente do Amor’, ‘Magia Tropical’, and ‘Alto Astral’, among other hits.

Ary Dias, percussionist, and composer from Bahia, was part of the bands of Gilberto Gil, Rita Lee, and Jorge Benjor. The percussion master, who has edited solo and joint albums, influenced artists such as his compadre Carlinhos Brown (with whom he has shared the stage several times) and played with international names such as Toots Thielemans.

Gustavo Schroeter is a drummer, who has played in the bands of Zé Ramalho, Jorge Benjor and João Donato. The musician was also a member of the band A Bolha (The Bubbles), a seminal Brazilian progressive rock band.

PALAPHITA – Casa da Guia, Cascais
August 09, 2022

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