A Cor do Som returns to Portugal on July 1st

The acclaimed Brazilian pop rock group returns to Portugal on July 1st for a unique performance at the Festival Jardins do Marquês, in Oeiras

Due to the success of its presentation in Portugal in 2022, when the band A Cor do Som performed in Cascais, with the special participation of Portuguese singers João Mendonza and Márcia, the iconic Brazilian band was invited to participate on July 1st, at the Festival Jardins do Marquês, in Oeiras, on the Nortada stage. On the same night, on the main stage, there will be one of the MPB divas, Maria Bethânia.

For the concert lineup, the group selected sung hits included in soundtracks of TV Globo soap operas and execution leaders in radio stations such as Menino Deus, Abri a Porta, Palco, Zanzibar, Beleza Pura and Semente do Amor, in addition to playing instrumental hits such as Pororocas, Greetings to Peace and Fruiting.

Cor do Som won the Latin Grammy in the category of best rock or alternative music album in Portuguese with its album “Álbum Rosa” in 2021, and in 2022 it completed 45 years of career. There is no shortage of reasons to celebrate for this band that collects hits and history: in May 2023 it won a documentary to call its own, “O Som da Cor – A História e as Aventuras da A Cor do Som”, a 10-episode documentary series, that present since the process of musical formation of its members in the 60’s until the present day. The documentary, written and directed by Felippão Santos, tells remarkable moments of the group that made history in the 70s, with an exclusive premiere on Canal Music Box Brasil.

Upon returning to Brazil, the group will start touring several capitals and prepare a new album to be released in 2024 – on a world tour that will start in Portugal.

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