The season with the hottest and longest days of the year arrives in Brazil

Summer is the most appreciated season of the year, starting in Brazil on December 21st.

Data from Braztoa, the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators, reveal that this may come to be responsible for around 20% of travel sales across the Atlantic. The sun and beach destinations continue to be the most attractive and sought after, and this country has all the characteristics: beaches, landscapes, outdoor activities and attractions allied to unique weather conditions.

For Carlos Brito, President of Embratur “There is no doubt that Brazil offers beautiful beaches, at the end of the day, where the sunset allows us to capture photographs worthy of postcards or decorative paintings, historic cities as well as an enormous wealth and cultural diversity, all of this combined with the typical cuisine of the country. The arrival of summer is just around the corner and with it the longest and hottest days of the year that allow tourists to make the most of our country”.

Below are two unmissable destinations and their tourist attractions to discover in the summer in Brazilian territory.

Jericoacoara – Ceará

It is a rustic fishing village and one of the most popular destinations for summer travel. In the region, it is possible to visit dunes and lakes, take the unmissable tour of Mangue Seco, which has a natural nursery for martinhos, and Velha Tatajuba, a village buried in the sand. Also visiting Pedra Furada, which resembles a postcard, allows you to enjoy an unforgettable end of the day at Duna do Pôr do Sol.

In Jericoacoara the water is usually calm, but with frequent winds. The practice of windsurfing is quite common in this region.

It was declared an Environmental Protection Area (APA) and, since 2002, transformed into PARNA (National Park). With the main objective of protecting and preserving its coastal ecosystem, thus attributing the certificate that allows the conservation of natural resources and allowing scientific investigations, environmental education and ecological tourism to be carried out.

It is possible to stay in the village in luxurious and refined hotels, hostels and even camps.

Porto de Galinhas
Porto de Galinhas – Pernambuco

The crystal clear waters, natural pools, delicious cuisine and excellent infrastructure place Porto de Galinhas among the most enchanting and sought after destinations in Brazil.

The beaches are the main attractions of the destination and are approximately 15 km. The busiest is Praia da Vila, in the center of Porto de Galinhas. It is from this beach that the rafts depart for the natural pools, five minutes from the slope. This is an unmissable tour, especially when the tide is low and you can see the corals.

This region is known for several projects and initiatives that help protect the environment and safeguard local biodiversity.

The best thing about Porto de Galinhas is that its beauty does not lie only in its beaches. Tourists can choose what to do and see from a wide range of possibilities. They can dive around the coral reefs, enjoy the natural pools, go on a raft or buggy rides, dive to see sea horses in the Maracaípe River, and stroll through the village centre, where they can find several souvenir shops, handicraft shops, and restaurants.

Since the cold in Portugal has been a constant, the beginning of summer in Brazil becomes even more appealing. It is an opportunity, with family, friends or as a couple, to enjoy a few days in contact with nature, in heat and in idyllic places.

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