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Wonka’s official factory is in Gaia

The film premieres on December 7th, but the chocolate is already in production. WOW and Warner Bros Portugal have joined hands and The Chocolate Story’s chocolate factory, in Gaia, is Wonka’s official factory in Portugal.

Anyone who attends the premiere of the film Wonka, in Portugal, will enter the world of fantasy with all their senses, including taste. Wonka’s chocolate is already being produced in Vila Nova de Gaia, at the factory at The Chocolate Story Museum.

The film, with Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka and Hugh Grant as Umpa-Lumpa, hits theatres on December 7th. Before this premiere, Warner Bros Portugal teamed up with WOW on this release.

“We are one of the largest chocolate factories in the world and, although we don’t have a real Wonka, we have our Dr. Bean. What we do at The Chocolate Story is show the magical journey from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. We don’t have Umpa-Lumpas, but anyone who visits the museum will, in fact, see the chocolate factory in operation. That’s why this association is so inevitable – it’s the best place to produce Wonka’s chocolate”, highlights Pedro Araújo, director of The Chocolate Story museum, at WOW, in Gaia – also known as Dr. Bean.

The Chocolate Story Museum opened its doors in 2020, with the opening of the WOW cultural quarter. Anyone who visits the museum has the opportunity to see the chocolate factory in operation without any staging, the visitor watches the process that is taking place at that moment, be it the roasting of cocoa beans, grinding, or conching, among many other phases of production. In addition to visiting the museum – where Wonka chocolate is now being produced, visitors can also take part in a series of chocolate workshops, and visit the store and the café, where there is no shortage of delicacies to eat or comforting mugs of hot chocolate to drink.

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