The parish of Santo António in Lisbon wins 8 local authority awards for the year 2023

Parish of Santo António does the full, collecting awards in all categories for which it applied.

The Parish of Santo António, received on the night of Thursday, May 18, at Grémio Literário in Lisbon, eight awards for Municipality of the Year.

Created in 2019, by the Lisbon Awards Group, the “Autarchy of the Year” awards have as their main mission to honor the initiatives developed by all the municipalities in the country – City Councils and Parish Councils – in an opportunity to showcase the works and projects of their most varied areas of expertise.

In this 4th edition, the first with 12 categories, the Parish of Santo António did the full, collecting prizes in all categories in which it competed, namely:

  • “Environment Ambassadors” project – winner of the Ecofreguesias category, referring to environmental awareness, ecology, and animal care.
  • Project “Cinema de Palmo e Meio” – winner of the Culture and Heritage category, Cinema subcategory.
  • Project “Programa Farol” – seller of the Mental Health category, subcategory Education – Combating Bullying.
  • “Reading Passport” project – winner of the Culture and Heritage category, Literature subcategory.
  • Project “Planting a tree” – winner of the Urbanism and Green Spaces category, subcategory Good Sustainability Practices.
  • Project “Espaço JÚLIA” – winner of the Safety, Health and Civil Protection category, subcategory Combating and Preventing Crime.
  • “Os Bravos de Santo António” project – winner of the Safety, Health, and Civil Protection category, subcategory
  • Combating and Preventing Natural Disasters.
  • “Improvable Friendships” project – winner of the Health and Wellbeing category, subcategory Promotion of Public Wellbeing.

“These eight distinctions, in eight candidacies, are living proof that we create and implement projects that are important and that contribute decisively to improving the quality of life of the people of Santo António. These are solutions that meet everyone’s needs, which represents our permanent commitment to our community and to all who visit us. I and the team that I have the honor of leading are always aware that people come first”, summarized Vasco Morgado, president of the Parish of Santo António, after the ceremony, happy with this distinction for the Parish that he has presided over since 2013.

It should be noted that the Parish of Santo António had already won seven “Autarchy of the Year” awards in previous years, namely: two awards in the first edition, three in the second, and two more in the third. With the eighth of this fourth edition, it accumulates a total of 15 distinctions.

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