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A Garota Não and Sérgio Godinho in another “Conta-me Uma Canção”

Teatro Maria Matos

David Fonseca and Rita Redshoes close their cycle on the 13th

It’s so good” – was the happy choice of Sérgio Godinho and A Garota Não to end last Tuesday’s session of “Conta-me Uma Canção” at Teatro Maria Matos and, let’s face it, I couldn’t summarize in the best way what happened. took place on the stage of that Lisbon venue: the “old” creation by Sérgio Godinho, made at the time in partnership with Jorge Constante Pereira, honored with this evocation regarding his recent disappearance, was the right song to close a night of great complicity between the performers and the audience.

On stage, Nuno Rafael and Sérgio Mendes completed the team, providing us with unique versions of some of the obligatory songs of the singer-songwriters and, the challenge of “Conta-me Uma Canção”, they appropriated someone else’s repertoire as if it were their own: A Garota Não surprised with a Godinean medley in which he found space to visit Zeca Afonso; Sérgio Godinho made “Dilúvio” a theme to be repeated in his presentations in his own name; and, together, they brought Márcia’s talent to the show, surprising with the performance of “A Insatisfação”. To remember!

Last week, the audience at Teatro Maria Matos surrendered to Mafalda Veiga and Joana Espadinha in the second session of “Conta-me Uma Canção” live. The two singer-songwriters enraptured the audience with their songs and with the lively conversation that was the guiding thread of this meeting. From the amusing stories behind his creations to moments that transported us to a kind of “authorial confessional”, the night of the 31st of January also provided the possibility of listening to absolute premieres that will soon be echoed on national radio stations.

The debut of “Conta-me Uma Canção” on stage took place on the 24th of January with Benjamim and Samuel Úria. Always at Teatro Maria Matos and always with the hall sold out, this cycle of four presentations ends on the 13th with the crossing on the stage of David Fonseca and Rita Redshoes. We have known them to be accomplices for a long time, but we anticipate that the past will only be a small part of what we can see and hear. To find out.

About “Conta-me Uma Canção”:
The legacy of more than 25 years of partnership with some of the most talented and influential national “songwriters”, the show producer and artist management Vachier & Associados, Lda conceived a project around what is the most valuable asset of popular music – the Song. Initially, the production of audiovisual content was made available last summer now, the transposition to the stage of Teatro Maria Matos, launching the challenge to eight national artists. Four encounters with duos formed by unavoidable names in national music, whether as composers or as performers.

For the live version of “Conta-me Uma Canção”, V&A invited Benjamim + Samuel Úria; Joana Espadinha + Mafalda Veiga; The Girl Doesn’t + Sérgio Godinho; and David Fonseca + Rita Redshoes. Evenings in which, along with the stories of the chosen songs, the cross versions, and a necessarily intimate conversation between two creators, each pair of singer-songwriters also shares with the audience a version of a song that is not their own, “one of those” that they would like to have composed.

Next concert
13 February – David Fonseca + Rita Redshoes

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