A La Redoute lança coleção de desporto com tamanhos para todas as mulheres

Currently, around 60% of the collections of the La Redoute Collections brand already have pieces of size 48 or larger.

La Redoute is a brand with fashion and decoration solutions for the whole family. But not only: it is also a brand for all women. An example of this is the latest sports collection from La Redoute Collections, which ranges from S to XXXL and aims to adapt to the most diverse female forms, with the aim of making all women feel beautiful and comfortable when training. And it really comes in handy so that at the beginning of the year we can fulfill the resolution to achieve the shape and physical well-being we desire.

The same collection – designed for light or moderate impact modalities, such as yoga, pilates or fitness – stands out for its bright colors and feminine patterns, drawing inspiration from trends Chelsea Girl (alluding to the 60s and the bohemian way of life). ) and Arizona Muse (a reference to the model of the same name, known for being an advocate of sustainable fashion). In this sense, the sports collection is eco-responsible, with the pieces made from recycled fibers and certified with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label.

Not only the sports range, but most of the La Redoute Collections collections are designed to adapt to any female body. In fact, 74% of the brand’s clothing includes size 46; and 60% already have size 48 or higher.

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