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The dawn I was waiting for

Solidarity rehearsal on February 13th

The solidarity rehearsal of the show A MADRUGADA QUE EU ESPAVA (The dawn I was waiting for) takes place on February 13th.

The single, reduced price is €15 and the proceeds go entirely to APOIAR – Association to Support Ex-combatants Victims of War Stress. A private social solidarity institution with Public Utility status that since 1994 has provided support to ex-combatants with post-traumatic stress and their families.

The musical A MADRUGADA QUE EU ESPAVA takes to stage a classic and universal love story, where the protagonists are forced to face the conflict between what they feel and what they believe. Starring Bárbara Tinoco, Carolina Deslandes – who also wrote the show’s music – and Diogo Branco, the cast also includes Brienne Keller, Dinarte Branco, JP Costa, João Maria Pinto, Jorge Mourato, José Lobo, Maria Henrique (in charge of also from the actors’ direction), Mariana Lencastre and live band. The original text was written by Hugo Gonçalves and directed by Ricardo da Rocha.

Lisbon, 1971

Olívia (Deslandes/Tinoco) and Francisco (Diogo Branco) meet and fall in love in an amateur theater group that is producing a musical version of Romeo and Juliet. Olívia has strong political ideals that are reflected in her active opposition to the dictatorship. Francisco is an introverted boy, he dreams of being a comedy actor – he believes that laughter is the most effective weapon of subversion – and he goes to rehearsals in secret, because his father does not approve of his artistic aspirations. Wanted by PIDE, for selling books banned by censorship, Olívia takes refuge in Paris to escape prison, oblivious to the fact that Francisco was deployed to war. In France, Olivia sings in a bar. In Africa, Francisco tries to survive. They meet years later, on the day of the April 25th revolution.

Can we meet the right person at the wrong time?

Does love move mountains, or is burning passion just left in ashes?

  • Text Hugo Gonçalves
  • Music Bárbara Tinoco and Carolina Deslandes
  • Directed by Ricardo da Rocha
  • Directed by actors Maria Henrique
  • Joana Sousa Scenario
  • Andy Dyo costumes
  • Light design Daniel Cardoso
  • Support for the Rita Spider movement
  • Production Production Force and First Line
  • With Bárbara Tinoco, Brienne Keller, Carolina Deslandes, Dinarte Branco, Diogo Branco, Feodor Bivol, João
  • Maria Pinto, Jorge Mourato, José Lobo, JP Costa, Luís Delgado, Marco Pombinho, Maria Henrique, Mariana
  • Lencastre, Miguel Casais, Rui Pedro Pity , Sandra Martins
  • This show has live music.
  • Carolina Deslandes and Bárbara Tinoco play Olívia, one of the protagonists of this romantic plot, alternating
  • the role with that of Clara, her sister.
  • In the solidarity rehearsal, Carolina Deslandes will be “Olívia” and Bárbara Tinoco will be “Clara”.

Maria Matos Theater

  • February 14th to April 28th
  • Wednesday to Saturday at 9 pm | Sundays at 5 pm
  • Tickets €20 – €25
  • M12

Porto Coliseum AGEAS

  • May 30th and 31st at 9pm
  • Tickets €15 – €35
  • M12

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