My victory as a high-level gymnast

by Lígia Soares

“(…) I am using the world of gymnastics as an envelope for a discourse that wants to free the world from the binomial of the best and the worst, to reflect on this binomial in a more complex and critical way and to use the young age of the protagonists to show the tension created between the tangibility of these values and the intangible of the future that awaits them.”

  • [Porto] Teatro Campo Alegre . February 24th and 25th. 7:30 pm
  • [Lisbon] CCB . March 4th and 5th. 19h00 and 16h00 . Small Auditorium

Artistic record

  • Conception, text and staging Lígia Soares
  • Interpretation and creation Lígia Soares and Maria Jorge with Beatriz Lapa and Rita Cerqueira (gymnasts)
  • Music João Lucas
  • Scenography by Henrique Ralheta
  • Luz Pedro Guimaraes
  • Production Director Mariana Dixe
  • Staging and creation assistance Beatriz Gaspar
  • Co-production Centro Cultural De Belém, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Festival Materials Diverse
  • Co-production residency O Espaço do Tempo
  • Festival Residence Miscellaneous Materials

On stage there are two gymnasts, moving between devices rehearsing movements bearing in mind the values of the scoring code issued by the International Gymnastics Federation until they get distracted…

It is these divergent thoughts from their competitive regime that we are going to see rotate in this piece, unbalancing them from the beam but taking them toward the world.

This is a piece for two gymnasts as they train for top competition collapsing with the impossibility of keeping their focus in the face of the dilemmas of today’s world.

Lígia Soares, Portuguese choreographer, and playwright. She is licensed by Escola Superior de Dança (IPL). She was artist-in-residence at Tanzfabrik-Berlin from 2004 to 2006. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally and has been featured in several international contemporary dance programs. Following works such as Romance, Turning Backs, or O Ato da Primavera, she pursues research into how to create scenic devices that include the spectator’s presence as a constituent element of the show’s dramaturgy. She has four pieces edited by Douda Correria. The play Cinderella won the Eurodram 2018 prize.

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