A new male contraceptive is coming, which is applied to the shoulders

They are certainly good news, especially for women …

The Chilean Institute of Infertility is developing a male hormonal contraceptive capable of suppressing the production of spermatozoa.

A team of researchers has developed what will be the first hormone contraceptive for men: a gel that has to be applied daily on the shoulders.

In statements to El Mundo, Gabriela Noé of the Chilean Institute of Fertility, said the product is “a combination of two hormones – testosterone and nestorone, a synthetic progestin, that can reduce the production of spermatozoa to a concentration considered infertile, less than one million per millilitre of semen, and the effects are reversible. ”

When applied on the shoulders, the objective of the researchers is that this contraceptive is safe and does not affect the quality of life of the man.

The Chilean Institute is working with other centres in the USA, UK, Sweden, Kenya and Italy. Each of them selected between 30 and 60 couples, out of a total of 420, to test and validate the method for four years.

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