A night of pure hip hop with Sam The Kid and Mundo Segundo at Campo Pequeno

Last Wednesday, the 9th, the artists, Sam The Kid and Mundo Segundo, accompanied by DJs GUZE e CRUZFADER, performed at the Santa Casa Ao Vivo festival, in Campo Pequeno

The remarkable and long-awaited concert started at 20:15 with “Gaia/Chelas“, “Não Percebes”, “Crise de Identidade”, “Recado”, right after we heard “Não Há Competição”, “A Partir de Agora”, “Sofia”, “Solteiro” and “Brasa”.

During the concert, which took the audience to their feet, we heard songs from both artists just like songs they did together. Sam The Kid and Mundo Segundo energized the audience as only they can in what was one of the most anticipated concerts of the 2nd edition of the Santa Casa festival. We also heard “Vício”, “Deixa de Ser”, “Sendo Assim”, “Raio de Luz”, “Retrospectiva”, “Sou do Tempo”, “Bate Palmas”, “Poetas do Karaoke” and “Também Faz Parte”.

The 2nd edition of the Santa Casa Portugal ao Vivo Festival also hosts Anselmo Ralph, Pedro Abrunhosa, Ana Moura, Carlão and Santamaria at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, and at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto.

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