Prosegur and Prosegur Cash receive AENOR Good Corporate Governance certification

  • Both companies received a G++ rating, the highest certification score awarded by AENOR.
  • Obtaining this certification is further proof of Prosegur and Prosegur Cash’s commitment to operating with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Prosegur and Prosegur Cash received certification for the Corporate Governance Index issued by AENOR, with global application. This new certification was awarded based on a series of metrics that measure the degree of compliance with good governance standards based on 9 variables, 41 indicators, and 170 evaluation criteria. As a result of AENOR’s analysis, both companies obtained the maximum rating of G++.

AENOR’s Corporate Good Governance Index is based on the methodology of the Corporate Good Governance Index created by the renowned consulting firm Villafañe & Asociados, which takes into account European legal regulations and the Code of Good Governance of the National Securities Market Commission Spanish (CNMV). The certification process also makes it possible to identify actions to improve a company’s governance and the impact that the implementation of each one of them would have.

Both Prosegur and Prosegur Cash are committed to consolidating a responsible, profitable, and sustainable business. In this regard, the corporate governance of both organizations is based on five fundamental pillars, which support their development: independence, transparency, protection of minority shareholders, efficiency, and integrity.

In fact, in 2020, with the aim of strengthening their capacities in these areas, the boards of directors of Prosegur and Prosegur Cash approved the modification of their corporate governance systems. In this way, the Appointments and Remuneration Committees expanded their functions and integrated the Sustainability and Corporate Governance areas, renamed the Sustainability, Corporate Governance, Appointments, and Remuneration Committees.

António Rubio, Secretary-General of Prosegur, says that “in our business strategy, ethical behavior and responsible management in economic, social and environmental issues play a fundamental role. That is why we are very proud to be pioneers in obtaining this certification and to be best practice in good corporate governance“.

Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, explains that “companies with the ambition of being competitive must demonstrate to their stakeholders that they share the same values. Certification by the most recognized entity awakens trust and that’s why at AENOR we are developing services that allow us to identify organizations committed to key areas such as good governance, compliance, crime prevention, and anti-bribery.

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