“Saia da Carolina”, the new single by Carolina Deslandes premieres today, on Women’s Day

Carolina Deslandes unexpectedly reveals another song from her new album, CAOS, to be released this Friday. Saia da Carolina is a feminist statement that celebrates this Women’s Day.

The single adopts the name and some melodies and verses of the popular song that “haunted” this and other Carolinas in childhood. “I was very angry when I was a kid because it was “Carolina’s skirt”, but I don’t like wearing a skirt! Why is Carolina always wearing a skirt?”, explains the artist.

In this “Saia” by Carolina Deslandes, the painted lizard “gives its tail” and the message is one of women’s empowerment. The author wants to talk about a Carolina who questions “patriarchal and religious education” and who does not fit into this mold. “I don’t even think it has to be a conversation these days,” she continues.

In the video, by Carlos Marta, elements of traditional folklore are mixed with modern costumes and hoodies, and in this adaptation of a popular song transformed into social criticism. On the other hand, the theme has a very Portuguese atmosphere, of “tasca, with voices speaking behind the song”, says Deslandes.

We are on the alert: Carolina comes with a “clenched fist” this March 8th. This Friday, the 10th, she invites us to get to know the complete CAOS, with one more single to be highlighted on that day: Conta-me.

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