Brazilian accordion player Lívia Mattos will be in Portugal for the first time

September 8 at Casa da Música

Having the accordion as the basis for creating different universes of the song, Lívia Mattos composes her work influenced by the transits she has experienced in the city of Salvador, together with the references collected on the roads she has been experiencing.

Thus, she has been walking with freedom in her poetics, which involves a certain serene and playful lyricism, with a swing that comes from popular festivals, the urban recess of Salvador, and the Caribbean dance – all by the sea. The northeastern and circus aura is present in a peculiar way in the hands of the accordion player who puts everything within the same unit that identifies it.

He composes lyrics and melodies, so that the partners appeared in the deal, with instrumentalists, poets, and composers: Jurandir Santana, Chico César, Capinam, Loïc Cordeone, Djaco Loredo, Pedro Sá Moraes, Juliana Sinimbú.

Having the bellows and the breath in his hand, he tries different formations in concerts, feeling what the variety of sounds can bring to his work. There is no shortage of repertoire, filled with mazurkas, baiões, waltzes, kompas, rural samba, guarânias, xotes, and inventions

In 2017, Lívia Mattos edited the album “Vinha da Ida”, an album very well accepted by the general Brazilian press, achieving 4 stars out of 5.

In August 2022 she released her second album “Apneia”, this work presents the connection between different territories, such as the Arab influence with the musicality of the Brazilian northeast and the Afro-Bahian sounds. The sound result dissolves borders and points to a unique reading of the world, which already reflects Lívia’s signature.

September 8th – Casa da Música – Porto

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