A still secret Thailand, Caribbean by Ricardo Santos and Portugal to discover in family with Paulo Nogueira

During November you can travel to the most secret places in Thailand, get to know another side of Jamaica, explore our country with one of the best known faces of Portuguese journalism, perfect the art of photography and be amazed by the “Thailand – Country of Smiles” exhibition, all at Xperience Lisboa.

On Thursday, November 7, the Thai Tourism Authority will make known some Secret Spots of what is considered the country of smiles. In this Travel Talk you will discover places such as the Nan and Phrae temples, Khao Sok elephant sanctuaries, water lilies lakes and lotus fields in Udon Thani as well as the pink dolphins of Nakhonthammarat, while enjoying a tasting of Thai products or enjoy a massage.

Saturday, the 9th, ClubSmall Travelers returns with partner Science4you. For one morning the youngest will be surprised by a workshop dedicated to the manufacture of fragrant soaps, in many different ways.

Photography Workshops have been a regular at this travel store and with great success. During the month of November, Nuno Mota Gomes, journalist of the Daily News and contributor to the magazine Around the World, again proposes ten training, on November 13 and 28. At these Travel Lessons you can learn how to enhance your photos from both mobile and camera with editing tools accessible to all enthusiasts. Framing, light, speed, aperture, but also basic tips to apply on your next trips.

On November 21, journalist Paulo Nogueira, one of the best known figures of Portuguese television and a tireless explorer of Portugal, will present his book “100 places to know Portugal with its children”, an invitation for families to discover together the Wonderful country where we live. In this conversation will be presented hundreds of suggestions in the field of culture and leisure, including monuments, museums or parks, which will dazzle, entertain and impart knowledge to the youngest during holidays and weekends.

Around the World returns this month with a Travel Talk about Jamaica on November 27th. 25 years ago, the first cover of the World Tour was dedicated to Jamaica. At this event, all participants will travel to the Caribbean island to see what has changed and what continues to captivate in the land of reggae. Bob Marley died in 1981, but the soul of the reggae king is still alive in every corner of the island. Get to know a Jamaica that goes beyond the Resorts.

Until mid-month will be on display “Thailand – Country of Smiles”, by Miguel Valle de Figueiredo. Thailand, once Kingdom of Siam, is one of Southeast Asia’s most important cultural references. The friendliness and hospitality of his people earned him the name of “Smiles Country”, by which this destination is known worldwide. This exhibition is an artistic note by photographer Miguel Valle de Figueiredo, who shows us some of the region’s cultural icons and the smiles of its people.

All events at Xperience are free and free and are aimed at discovering the world and promoting the learning of new places, peoples, cultures and landscapes and undoubtedly the desire to escape.

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