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A taste trip in Marvila with signature by Chakall

Travel through the flavors of Latin America, Italy, Japan, or the Azores in Marvila, where you are able to take a trip without leaving the table.

Start by trying a Limontejo drink, perhaps a tonic or a gin. Then the selection of Italian cheeses and hams, such as the Parmigiano-Reggiano, the Napoli Salami, or even the Parmacopa ham, made from pork neck.

Taste a variety of wines, some of which are from chef Chakall himself. You can also find a Donnafugata Anthìlia, white, the palate finds the evident fruity note, refreshed by agreeable rapidity. For a red wine we recommend Los Aboles, with a gastronomic style, ideal to be tasted with some recipe, this red wine is made with the red grape of French origin Malbec, which today represents about 35% of the hectares of vineyards in Argentina, the country that has the largest area of vineyards planted of this variety in the world.


The famous burgers by Chakall are, of course, present on the menu, Chakburger, a beef burger with bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, and pickles. There’s also a vegetarian burger, made with quinoa and avocado pear.

You should also enjoy sushi, in Kampai, where you can find dishes such as kaky fesh, aji tataki, tai kimuchi, usuzukuri hamachi, tai arai, sushi, and sashimi, among others. To accompany it, there are other delicacies, including tea, pineapple and passion fruit drinks and ice cream.


El Bulo Social Club

Opened in February 2016, El Bulo Social Club is more than just a restaurant. It is a “social club”, unpretentious, simple, comfortable and for everyone.

With non-gourmet, uncomplicated and good food. A space where you can watch football, eat snacks or watch live music concerts.

Renovated in the summer of 2018, it increased its capacity to 400 seats, has several different spaces, and is the ideal place for corporate events, team buildings, as well as serving as a bar and restaurant.

Refeitório Senhor Abel

The famous ‘Refeitório Senhor Abel’ stopped receiving its customers and friends inside doors daily for an indefinite period of time but bet on diversifying its offer in take-away and delivery through the UberEats platform.

Working, in this period at a different time than usual, we can continue to find the Roberto Mezzapelle pizzaiolo in the oven from Tuesday to Sunday. Customers can place their orders through UberEats, but they can also do it directly over the phone at the pizzeria: 218 688 023.

In addition to take away directly at the restaurant or orders via UberEats, customers can also place their orders through the Zomato Take away app or, for members of Clube P of Jornal Público, take advantage of discounts on take away orders.





Kampai means celebration and, by the hand of chef João Soeiro, co-author of the concept together with agronomist João Pereira, and the menu features fish such as lily, tuna, snapper, enchareú or squid.

The Azores are also on the menu with tea, drinks based on pineapple and passion fruit, which grow in the archipelago, and ice cream with the best Azorean milk.

The menu is super varied, including hot and cold starters, hot dishes, sashimi, chirashi, sushi, temaki, makimono, desserts and much more. You can find dishes like kaky fesh, aji tataki, tai kimuchi, usuzukuri hamachi, tai arai, sushi and sashimi, among others.

The restaurant is traditional Japanese and the inspiration comes from the Atlantic and the best that the sea gives us.

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