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The Voice and the Soul

Cultura da Rua - Museu de Lisboa

Another great show that was part of the program, Cultura da Rua, with the participation of Maria João Luís and Hélder Moutinho, took place at the Museum of Lisbon – Palácio Pimenta, the fusion between the fado of the fado singer and the word of the actress, for a fantastic night dedicated to the words of João Monge.

There were several shows promoted by EGEAC, which took place at the end of summer, this one under the threat of rain, and some cold, there was no full house, as it deserved.


Voz e Alma – Maria João Luís e Hélder Moutinho > Museu de Lisboa ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.16

Maria João Correia Luís, actress and director, known for her many television and theatrical works, performed on stage in the company of one of the best Portuguese fado singers, Hélder Moutinho, to combine the declaimed and sung poetry, authored by João Monge.

João Monge, who started his activity as a lyricist in Trovante, and after the group’s extinction, founded the Ala dos Namorados with Manuel Paulo, João Gil, and Nuno Guerreiro. He is also the author of the Rio Grande project with João Gil, in which João Gil, Rui Veloso, Tim, Vitorino, and Jorge Palma participated.

Voz e Alma – Maria João Luís e Hélder Moutinho > Museu de Lisboa ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.16

There are many projects where he has always been in the company of the best names in Portuguese music, of all genres, being one of the most sung lyricists in Portuguese music.

On stage were Maria João Luís, Hélder Moutinho, Ricardo Parreira, Miguel Silva and Ciro Bertini.

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