Applications open for affordable rent in Salir

The Municipality of Loulé has launched the tender for an affordable lease for 5 housing units in the parish of Salir, applications for which run from 15 to 31 March.

This is yet another initiative integrated into the Local Housing Strategy of the Municipality of Loulé and has a dual objective. Firstly, to support access to housing, particularly for young couples and citizens who earn an average income (not always compatible with the rent prices practiced in the market).

On the other hand, it is also intended to promote the settlement of people in this interior parish, marked by depopulation and demographic aging over the last decades.

Citizens whose overall household or housing income falls within the minimum and maximum limits may apply for this lease, and the composition of the household must suit the typology of the dwellings, as defined in the Tender Notice, available at
The minimum and maximum limit of the amount of affordable rent to be paid monthly by each household or dwelling will be €78.00 and €233.00, for T2 dwellings, and €93.00 and €278.00, for fireworks T3.

The affordable lease contract is concluded for a period of 6 years, which may be renewed for periods of 2 years if the tenant demonstrates that he maintains the conditions that determined the allocation of housing.
Clarifications to interested parties will be made by telephone, through the number 289 400 714 (between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm), and/or by email.

Applications can be submitted at the office services of the Municipality of Loulé, and all information on the necessary documentation is available on the website.

The housing units in the parish of Salir, located in the Fonte da Rata subdivision, were built under financial support from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

The work carried out under the Local Housing Strategy 2019-2030 of the Municipality of Loulé continues. So far, the delivery of the first 22 keys in Loulé, Quarteira, and Almancil, within the scope of the IHRU 1st Law program, the public tender for the allocation of 2 dwellings in the parish of Ameixial, support within the scope of the lease subsidy, which included, in two editions, a total of 295 families, as well as tender procedures for the construction of 64 dwellings in the Loteamento da Clona and the rehabilitation of 18 dwellings in the Municipal District of Loulé “Frederico Ulrich” – 1st phase, both in the city of Loulé, are some of the ongoing initiatives.

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