Opened the tender for controlled income housing in Matosinhos

Continuing the municipal program “Matosinhos: Casa Acessível”, MatosinhosHabit has a third consultation phase underway for affordable rental housing with values ​​20% below the market. Depending on the effort rate of competing households, a subsidy of up to 30% of the rent value may also be granted to each household.

Until the 31st of January, interested parties will be able to apply for the subletting of 5 fractions leased by the municipality and intended for their own and permanent housing for families in the municipality.

The five houses available at this stage are located in Matosinhos (Rua Afonso Cordeiro and Av. Serpa Pinto), in Leça da Palmeira (Rua do Matinho) and S. Mamede de Infesta (Rua do Troco and Prof. Ricardo Alves).

Applications for this phase of the “Matosinhos: Casa Acessível” program must be submitted using the electronic form available at MatosinhosHabit or by mail. Each candidate can submit a form and apply for a maximum of three accommodations, indicating which ones and the order of preference. The allocation of residences will be carried out through a draw, the results of which will be available for consultation on the MatosinhosHabit website, on a date to be announced.

In view of the growing demand for housing and the high prices practiced in the private market, the “Matosinhos: Casa Acessível” program has provided a housing response in the municipality, allowing more people to have the same chances of having a house with a fair income and at measure of your needs.

Helena Vaz, administrator of MatosinhosHabit, explains that «the program Matosinhos: Casa Acessível supports social segments that were not covered by municipal programs, and that face various economic difficulties to rent a house at prices compatible with their income”. He adds: “This program allows Matosinhenses to have access to attractive properties, in good condition and well located, with rents up to 20% below market value and the possibility of obtaining a subsidy of up to 30% of the value in question, depending on your family income.”

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