About 50% of ASMIP’s associated companies foresee a reduction in activity in 2021

The study says that in 2020, 54% of companies saw reduced activity and 23% say that the business remained the same. Only 23% of respondents say they have increased activity, compared to the previous year.

The ASMIP- Association of Real Estate Agents of Portugal conducted a new survey of associated companies on the status of the activity in 2020 and its prospects for 2021.

The main conclusion is that real estate companies look to the future of the activity with concern. This is because 46% of the surveyed companies foresee a reduction in activity during this year, while 30% believe in maintenance and, only 24% think that there may be business growth, although in this last group, a significant part (17%) expect only a slight recovery.

In the survey carried out during the month of January, among the 850 active member companies of ASMIP, it can be seen that in terms of expectations about the realization of the real estate business during this year, the majority of respondents believe that the fall may be between the 5% to 10%. For the group of respondents who expect some recovery, the majority believes that it can reach 10%.

By segments, it is visible that business is expected mainly in the residential component and in the land. For all other categories it is considered that there will be a drop in sales, with emphasis on the 77% of respondents who believe in the decrease in sales of tourist housing, against 20% in maintenance and only 3% who believe that there will be some increase in the business.

There is also a widespread perception that the business of selling commercial, industrial, and office space will be greatly affected by the crisis, considering, also, that in these segments the same situation will happen with leases.

In a comparison analysis of the activity of 2020 in relation to 2019, only 23% of the respondents affirmed to have increased the activity, in opposition to the 54% that guarantee to have decreased and 23% for whom the business remained the same.

Going deeper into this data, we seek to know how to quantify the breakdown or increase in business in percentage terms. Thus, among those who claim to have decreased, the majority say that the fall was between 0% and 25%.

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