About 700 children will do an “environmental investigation”

About 700 children from 30 schools in the country will participate in a project to “get a closer look at the reality of a river or stream” through an “environmental investigation,” according to the environmental association Zero.

According to the statement sent to the newsrooms, the initiative, promoted by Zero – Sustainable Terrestrial System Association, will allow several children between the ages of 8 and 13 to “know very closely the reality of a river or stream near their home or school, through an ‘environmental investigation’ “.

The project, which will take place “during the 2018/2019 school year”, will start with the “provision of a travelling exhibition on the theme of rivers and streams” and a presentation on this theme in classrooms.

The final phase of this activity will have a “practical component” in which students will be “invited to go to the field” to investigate “the characteristics of a watercourse.”

The environmental association hopes that the initiative will “raise awareness about the importance of water resources and greater knowledge about the cause-effect relationship that human activities have on the quality and availability” of these resources.

The project is “financially supported” by the Environmental Fund and is part of the National Environmental Education Strategy.

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