Absolut launches limited edition that invites people to unite

Absolut invites everyone to celebrate the festive season with the launch of a new limited edition bottle, Absolut Spirit of Togetherness.

Absolut believes that the world becomes a better place when we unite beyond our differences. Embodying this powerful feeling of togetherness, the limited edition Absolut Spirit of Togetherness bottle inspires people to break the ice and create a more open and closed world.

In accordance with the brand’s positioning and values, Absolut Spirit of Togetherness is presented as a limited bottle with a unique and differentiating design that is based on the idea of ​​the importance of bringing people together, regardless of their social context or even the occasion. The pattern present in this limited edition not only amplifies the iconic silhouette of the Absolut bottle but also recalls how everyone’s lives are connected and the importance of uniting and supporting each other. The fabric-like design further reinforces the strength of joining the various parts into one and creating an even stronger bond.

Inside the bottle, you’ll find the same spirit and premium quality as the Absolut Vodka brand. All ingredients are carefully sourced in southern Sweden, including wheat from the golden fields surrounding the brand’s hometown of Åhus.

Our aim is to foster unity. We firmly believe that the world is a better place when we come together and empower each other. That spirit of unity is this year’s new limited edition bottle,” says Yuliya Vashchyshyn, Junior Brand Manager at Pernod Ricard Portugal.

Let’s all get into the spirit of celebration with the new limited edition, Absolut Spirit of Togetherness.

The new limited edition bottle will be available in 700 ml with an MSRP of €18.99.

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