Acácio da Silva waits for another Portuguese wearing yellow in the Tour

Acácio da Silva, the only Portuguese to walk with yellow in the Tour, hoped that, almost 30 years later, there had already been another compatriot to lead the “biggest” of all cycling races.

In 1989, Acácio da Silva walked four days of yellow in the Tour de France, after having won the first stage, in Luxembourg, where he immigrated.

“I did not expect to be that long, I was hoping that there would be one who won the jersey again. This year it does not work, but it was good for the year, but it’s not easy. The Tour de France is the biggest and will continue to be the biggest “, said.

Visiting the Volta a Portugal, which is now part of Montalegre, his hometown, Acácio da Silva believes that “Portuguese athletes are developing well.”

“We already have good athletes, but we also have to be lucky. We have good athletes, we must get them on the right track and believe in them,” he said.

With a real estate agency in Luxembourg for 20 years, the Transmontano confesses that “it is something special when the Volta is present in the earth” and that it is something that “does well to the earth, does everything well”.

This year, Volta a Portugal has yet another draw for Acácio da Silva, since his brother Francis is the sports director of the Luxembourg company Differdange-Losch.

“I did not turn it off [in relation to cycling], but I’m not so connected with my brother, it also has more time for that. I’m more in the shade,” he admitted.

On the differences of his time for the current cycling, Acácio da Silva says that “there are many, in tactics, in material”.

“But there is something that is always there, that it is necessary to pedal.If you do not pedal, you do not arrive.It is always improving a lot, equipment, anti-doping controls, road safety.It is normal that everything is improving” , he said.

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