Académica de Coimbra is the national snooker champion of 2020/21

Académica de Coimbra, with a team consisting of Diogo Badalo and Henrique Correia, was crowned in the afternoon of this Thursday the national snooker 2020/21 champion, by winning the final of the competition, organized by the Portuguese Billiard Federation and which took place in the Hotel das Termas da Curia (Anadia), Fr. Ferreira, who presented the Australian Vincent Calabrese, João Grilo and Américo Francisco, by 3-2.

In a final played until the pink ball of the last of the five matches (with a single frame each), the team from Coimbra began to stand out in the first two singles games, in which Diogo Badalo beat Vinnie Calabrese – a former professional – and Henrique Correia got the better of João Grilo, making it 2-0 for Briosa.

The victory in the doubles game for the pacense duo, formed by Vincent Calbrese/João Grilo, against Diogo Badalo/Henrique Correia relaunched the emotion in a National Championship played with 10 reds on the green, and not the usual 15. When João Grilo then beat Diogo Badalo and made it 2-2, Académica won Henrique Correia’s victory over Vincent Calabrese to win the coveted trophy.

In the semi-finals, played on Wednesday, the 7th of this month, Académica, captained by Ricardo Salgado and which, during the 1st and 2nd rounds of the regular season, also featured João Esteves da Silva, led the better over Boavista (Tiago Teixeira/Tiago Silva/Carlos Correia) by 3-0, while P. Ferreira defeated Academica ‘D’ (Carlos Jegundo/José Geraldo/Alexandre Cruz) by the same result (3-0).

The Final Phases of the competitions organized by the FPB continue until Sunday at Curia, with the Portuguese Cup, still by teams, following on the calendar, and then, until Sunday (11th of the current month), the National Championship and the Cup of Portugal of male singulars.

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