Accenture launches COVID-19 vaccine management solution

Accenture announced the launch of a comprehensive vaccine management solution to help Governments and healthcare organizations plan and develop vaccination programs against COVID-19 and parallel distribution and communication initiatives, quickly and effectively.

The solution now presented increases the ability to track contacts, with the aim of helping public health jurisdictions to comply with the guidelines recently launched by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which are preparing for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This solution brings together Accenture’s experience in the industry, analysis and consulting and includes components built using the Salesforce platform. Local, state and national governments, as well as health organizations worldwide, are expected to prepare for the planning, development, coordination, distribution and management of immunization programs against COVID-19.

“Our solution was designed to broadly support the varied needs for the development, launch and execution of mass immunization programs, carried out by public authorities and health agencies worldwide,” says Ryan Oakes, managing director of global public sector of Accenture.

“Efforts need to be put in place quickly and to cover a wide range of activities, in accordance with CDC directives, and we are prepared to systematically help organizations to clarify and advance their priorities for the management of vaccination against COVID-19.”

The solution includes the following components that can be used together or individually, based on specific needs:

Vaccine management and tracking platform

Using the Salesforce platform, which allows you to increase Accenture’s contact tracking capacity, you can safely follow a resident’s vaccination journey, from registering and scheduling appointments until the final administration of the vaccine and monitoring of symptoms.

Supply management

Using state-of-the-art commercial software for optimization based on possible supply constraints, and building on Accenture’s extensive supply chain management experience, the solution supports vaccine supply orders, stock management and demand forecasting.

Education and community involvement

Leverages Accenture’s already robust marketing and campaign management resources and uses the Salesforce platform to drive and generate knowledge, as well as its adoption by suppliers and critical populations, through the use of a data- driven, which puts people first.

Contact management

Built on the Salesforce platform, this solution was designed to help organizations at times of great increases or peaks in the volume of calls, through the use of virtual agents who answer frequently asked questions and who use SMS / text and e- automated emails to generate community involvement, make eligibility screening and health questionnaires.

Analysis and reporting

Using Accenture Applied Intelligence’s AIP +, public and third party health data will be used to create equitable vaccine distribution plans; to define and redefine high priority populations; allocate the supply of vaccines; monitor the population’s involvement and adherence to treatment and dosage; provide last mile distribution logistics analysis, and analyze efficiency and safety standards.

Organizational support

Consulting support to support the creation, recommended by the CDC, of ​​internal vaccination planning and implementation committees and business process requirements, with the objective of achieving a successful implementation of the vaccination.

Accenture and Salesforce quickly developed joint solutions during the pandemic to help Governments and organizations with new problems and needs as a result of the sudden change brought about by the outbreak of COVID-19. In May, Accenture collaborated with Salesforce to create healthcare and public care management solutions as the inaugural partner of – a set of Salesforce solutions to help organizations around the world work safely, including resources management vaccines through for Vaccines.

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