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Adamo conquers the Coliseu

Coliseu dos Recreios

The coliseum surrendered to Salvatore Adamo, on a night when French music once again conquered a full room in Lisbon.

Back in Portugal, Adamo was welcomed by fans for another memorable concert of Grupo Chiado, the singer who on November 1st, celebrates 79 years, presented everyone with a concert full of charm, romanticism, charm, sympathy, and a lot of joy, a constant in all his concerts that age does not change, in a concert of more than two hours, celebrating with each song, with the public that accompanied him singing and dancing, his 60 years of career.

Themes like “Cést ma vie”, “Comme toujours”, “Ma tête”, “Une Mèche de Cheveux”, were highlights of the concert, in which he performed twenty-nine songs, but of course in the theme “Tombe la Neige” the coliseum whole, sang with him, in a very emotional moment for the singer and for the audience, who, here and there, with teary eyes, recalled moments that music can always remember.

Coliseum applauded, sang, sighed and danced, to the sound of a francophone gentleman, who took us on a wonderful journey through memories and good music.

Merci Adamo!


Concerto setlist

  • Petit bonheur
  • Comme toujours
  • Et tant D’Amour
  • En bantouliére-vingt ans
  • Ma tête
  • Una mèche de cheveux
  • Un rêve
  • Dolce paola
  • J’Aime
  • L’Amour est le plus fort
  • Ensemble
  • On ne peut pas se quitter
  • A demain sur la lune
  • Le monde a mal
  • J’Avais oublié que les roses
  • Cést ma vie
  • Migrant
  • Mes mains sur tes hanches
  • Nu
  • Tombe la neige
  • Car je veux
  • La nuit
  • Chantez
  • Inch’Allah
  • Vous permettez Monsiur
  • J’Te Lânche plus
  • Les filles du bord de mer

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