ADENTIS grows 104% and earns 4.7M € in 2019

ADENTIS recorded a turnover of 4.7 M € in fiscal year 2019 with a growth of 104%. It ended the year with 150 employees, a number that represents an increase of 40% over the same period last year. The sharp growth of the Portuguese company of Innovation and Technology in the last two years is 491% and results from a team focused on adding value to companies, supporting Digital Transformation through innovation and technology.


The reinforcement of the team in Lisbon and the commitment to a dedicated local structure in Porto, contributed to the growth of revenues above three digits, for the second consecutive year. In the city undefeated, ADENTIS already has a team of more than 20 employees, with its dedication to having an impact of more than 10% in the total turnover. The continuous reinforcement of staff in all units and departments and an effective method that activates the technological needs of companies has also contributed to the growth of the brand’s business in Portugal and to the capture of new international opportunities. Talent development through the # ADN4Academy training programs, the creation of unique projects by R & D_Lab and the reinforced bridge with educational institutions were successful bets throughout the past year.

For Gonçalo Fonseca, Executive Director of ADENTIS: “2019 was another year of great growth, in which we doubled the 2.3M € billed in 2018, the year in which we had tripled the 788K € billed in 2017. We consolidated and expanded our activity in Lisbon and Porto, cities where we won new and important customers in sectors such as banking, insurance or telecommunications. I also highlight the first international clients in the Nearshore context, who trust our team for the development of their projects from Portugal. This performance was made possible by strengthening the seniority of the team, combined with the integration of countless talents at the beginning of their careers, several of them through our Academies. The ambitious goals achieved in just over 3 years of activity are cause for satisfaction for the entire team, whose identity I consider to be the differentiating factor of ADENTIS in an extremely competitive market such as IT in Portugal.


For 2020, ADENTIS has the clear objective of continuing to grow the number of national and international customers, employees and billing. It is planned to expand its base of operations in Porto, which serves the city and the North region, for 40 people. Overall, the company estimates that it will reach 180 employees and reach 6M € of annual turnover.



ADENTIS is an Innovation and Technology consultant present in Portugal since 2016. Specialized in Outsourcing, Customized Solutions and R&D, it has a team of more than 150 employees working on projects worldwide. In 2019, its national turnover was 4.7 million euros, a year-on-year growth of 104%. It is one of the 21 brands of the international group HIQ Consulting, which has 5500 employees in 11 European countries.

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