Goodbye, Miltercio

Born in Bahia, the first capital of Brazil, and resident in Portugal for over 30 years, Miltercio Santos, dancer, costume designer and producer of the band Puta da Silva will be greatly missed.

Miltercio, or just Mil, as he was called by many friends, passed away on Monday, March 18, 2024, leaving everyone suddenly. Despite a very sad event, his family, friends and bandmates announce and honour this passage with beauty, lightness and tenderness, doing justice to who Miltercio was and all the energy, affection and love of his personality.

Having had a long artistic career, having already danced for Pina Bausch and performed with artists such as Watusi and Grande Otelo, he once again gained well-deserved recognition on stage with his performances with the band Puta da Silva, which since 2020 had been rapidly transforming the behavioural artistic scene. music from Portugal. Mil brought his vibrant and strong presence, with chains, masks, fabrics and metallic accessories adorning his body and carrying large horns that opened the portals for the beginning of the band’s performances.

In these works, he created a whole dramaturgy and atmosphere involving the space and the public. With the band, they stepped on the biggest stages of the country’s concert halls and festivals, such as Festival Iminente, Pride Lisboa, MIL, Futurama no Alentejo, and Festival Tremor, among many others and were also at the Prime Minister’s House celebrating the importance of Afro culture -Brazilian and its historical presence in the construction of Portugal.

With a versatile personality in his performances, sometimes with a more hidden and dense facet, sometimes with an extremely light and vibrant facet, always elegant, Miltercio took over the space creating the connection between stage and audience, between heaven and earth, visible and invisible. A great artist, a wonderful and enlightened person.

Thank you for everything.

The funeral ceremonies for Miltercio Souza dos Santos begin on March 21st, this Thursday, in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the Basilica of Estrela at 2:30 pm. On March 22nd, Friday, the funeral Mass will be celebrated at 2 pm, followed by the funeral at the Benfica Cemetery, where he will be buried. People are asked to come dressed in white and bring a yellow rose in honour of Miltercio.

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