Adriana Calcanhoto shined in Tivoli BBVA

Brazilian singer Adriana Calcanhoto is back in Portugal and performed at the Tivoli BBVA in Lisbon on the 16th and tomorrow she will be at Casa da Musica, in Porto to present her some “Margem”.

Adriana Calcanhoto performed Saturday at the Tivoli BBVA where she presented her new work “Margem”, but also several well-known themes of the singer.

Carioca’s album “Margem”, which ends her trilogy on the sea, which began with “Maritmo” in 1998 followed by “Maré” in 2008. The new album that came out June, with themes like “Ogunté”, about the tragedy of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, but also about the serious environmental problems we are all facing.

Adriana Calcanhoto interpreted other songs as “Margem” and “Lá Lá Lá”, also from the most recent album, but of course “devolva-me” or “I’ll be without you” among others could not miss.

In a crowded room, the Portuguese but also Brazilian audiences were dazzled by a fantastic performance by the Brazilian singer, who accompanied with applause and sung with Adriana the best-known themes but also the songs of the new album.

Adriana Calcanhoto had the company on stage of Bem Gil on guitar, Bruno Di Lullo on bass and Rafael Rocha on drums and acoustic and electronic percussions, in fact, the trio also responsible for the sound of the album “Margem”.

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