Adriana Viveiros in second in European women’s under-20 athletic march

The Portuguese under-20 women’s team of athletic gait ensured the best collective performance of the European of the discipline of Podebrady, in the Czech Republic, in the 10 kilometers, with Adriana Viveiros in the second individual place.

In Podebrady, Viveiros kept the distance in 47.10 minutes, a personal record and the third best national mark ever, reaching lows for the Under-20 World Cups in Kenya in August and for the Europeans in July in Estonia.

Inês Mendes ended the distance in fifth place, with 47.23, also a personal record and mark for Europeans and Worlds, while Bruna Marques, in 16th place, already had minimums for the World Championship and now managed others for the European Championships.

In the men’s division, Pedro Dias took ninth place in the 10 kilometers, with 42.51 minutes, a personal record and qualification for the U-20 World Cups and Europeans.

In elites, in the women’s 35 kilometers, Inês Henriques gave up, while Hélder Santos and Rui Coelho, in the 50 kilometers, debuted the distance in Europeans with 24th and 25th places, respectively.

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