Afonso Antunes and Carolina Mendes meet opponents at Allianz Figueira Pro

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The best national surfers are ready to head to the waves of Praia do Cabedelo, in Figueira da Foz, where, from Friday to Sunday, the Allianz Figueira Pro will be played, the second leg of the MEO Surf 2021 League, which is the main surfing event in Portugal and the one that defines the national champions of the sport.

After the triumph in Ericeira, Afonso Antunes and Carolina Mendes arrive at Figueira in the lead of the respective rankings and, as a result, with the yellow lycra clothed. Both of them already know the opponents that will face them in the inaugural round in Cabedelo.

Men’s highlights – Round 1:

H8: Afonso Antunes x Francisco Mittermayer x Matisse Verworst x surfer coming from trials
H11: Arran Strong x Martim Magalhães x Miguel Blanco x surfer from trials
H12: Filipe Jervis x Ivo Cação x Rodrigo Maria Lebre x Kiron Jabour

Women’s highlights – Round 1:

H2: Gaby Dinis vs. Leonor Fragoso vs. Miriam Julião vs. Sofia Silva
H4: Francisca Veselko x Yolanda Hopkins x Maria Chaves x Verónica Silva
H5: Carolina Mendes x Núria Maganinho x Benedita Teixeira x Natacha Vieira

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