Afonso Pais presented his new album “O Que Já Importa” at Teatro Maria Matos

Afonso Pais was yesterday, June 22, at Teatro Maria Matos for the release of his latest album “O Que Já Importa”.

On stage, the artist performed with musicians, João Hasselberg, on electric bass and João Correia, on drums, and was accompanied by the beautiful voices of Margarida Campelo, Nazaré da Silva and Maria Luísa Caseiro.

The concert began with the theme “Sweet Dreams”, in trio, and soon after came the voices for themes such as “Últimas Estação”, “Carolina”, “Escondido”, and “Sombras de Alvalade“, a name that was suggested by Maria Luísa Caseiro. Afonso Pais also presented “Terra Transitória”, “Tépido”, and his version of the traditional Scottish theme “The Mist Covered Mountains”, original by Mark Knopfler,

The show ended with the themes “Ermo”, and “Ermo – Outro” recorded with Salvador Sobral, and “Conforto”, which had the presence of Capicua.

«“O Que Já Importa” celebrates what music can be most concise. The rhythmic debugging of each of the songs is the motto for its particularity: each track heard reveals the message little by little like a mantra, in repetitions that make the musical portrait as a whole recognizable, as a single portrait, particular and unrepeatable. All songs come from an imagery centered on the guitar as a creative “voice”. From it emerge the places and episodes, the moments and the journeys that interconnect them. They are songs in a broad and diversified sense, which embrace the idiosyncrasies of such a popular instrument and rich in elements from cultures as diverse as the guitar. Also represented is the Portuguese song, the melody in Portuguese, which shines from the lyrics and the place of nostalgia.»

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