After 5 sold-out nights in Lisbon João Gil takes “Caixa de Luz” to Porto

After 5 nights crowded in Lisbon, João Gil takes “Caixa de Luz” to Porto and invites Tatanka, Miguel Araújo, Tiago Nacarato, Rui Reininho and Vozes da Rádio.

On the return to the shows, the Capitol in Lisbon, received between May 12 and 16, the show “Caixa de Luz” with signature of João Gil and the special participation of his 5 guests – António Zambujo, Elida Almeida, Jorge Palma, Carolina Deslandes, and Ana Bacalhau. It is now confirmed that Porto will be the next stop of the “Caixa de Luz” on dates to announce briefly.

“Caixa de Luz” is a journey by João Gil’s songbook, one of the most profitable composers in the history of Portuguese music of the last decades. Of the Thevel to the Philharmonic Gil, passing through the girlfriend wing, Rio Grande, Heads in the air, Popular Ball or, more recently, those or the Lisbon Quinteto, the life of John Gil is based on large successes that they supplant the notoriety of the where he passed and in which he left his strong contribution.

In the last 4 decades of Portuguese music, João Gil distinguishes itself as songs composer that will forever part of the national collective memory: “Saudade”, “125 Azul”, “Loucos de Lisboa”, “Postal dos Correios”, Among so many others are examples of creations that have their signature and have become true phenomena of popularity.

At Capitólio, in Lisbon, unrepeatable moments have happened that included “Rosa” with António Zambujo, “O Exato Oposto” with Elida Almeida, “Ao sul” with Jorge Palma, “Perdidamente” with Carolina Deslandes or “Xácara das Bruxas Dançando” with Ana Bacalhau. Carlos do Carmo was also honored in this spectacle with the theme “Travessa do Poço dos Negros”.

In this new project that revisits the authoral heritage of João Gil, the plastic artist Ana Mesquita signs the scenography, created near a hundred images and videos inspired by the work of the musician. As the own name of the spectacle indicates, the effect created is that of a “Caixa de Luz“, which illuminates the borders usually erected between artist and public.

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