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AgitÁgueda from 6 to 28 July with Urban Art, Concerts, Street Animation, Gastronomy and much more!

Street Animation | DJ’s | Arte Urbana | Umbrella Sky Project
Tasquinhas | Agita Kids | Concerts | Crafts and more…

The AgitÁgueda – Art Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year, which has as one of its most emblematic and iconic elements the installation of colourful umbrellas suspended on the streets of the city, a reference image of regional and national tourism.

Between 6 and 28 July, all roads lead to Águeda, which becomes a giant outdoor stage and promises to continue to surprise.

The most colourful and Instagrammable streets in the world, elected by the national and international reference media (such as CNN, Time Out, Condé Nast Traveller, among others) as one of the most beautiful on the globe, show off all their charisma, with the multicolour of their umbrellas.

davidfonseca 20240425 baldaya©luismserrao ineews s 6095
David Fonseca < 2024.04.25 < Palácio Baldaya ©Luís M. Serrão

But AgitÁgueda is much more than this visual and highly photogenic effect that attracts visitors, photographers and influencers from all over the world. The festival is a unique and authentic event, full of colour, animation, urban art installations and artistic manifestations from various quarters, which, involving the entire local community, have placed the county on the world route of festivals and tourist destinations of excellence.

There will be 23 days of intense programming with concerts, an After-Hours stage with DJs, Urban Art, Craft Fair, Carnival Fora D’Horas, Color Day, Meeting of Living Statues, nautical and sporting events, taverns that give “to taste” the best of local cuisine and the Agita Kids area for the youngest. The public can also enjoy the floating pool that will be available in July and August with a series of animations.


Since 2006 more than 800 groups and artists have performed at the festival. In addition to established names and national and international bands, the event bets on emerging artists and also promotes new musical projects through the realization of the “AgitÁgueda Talents”, a contest that aims to promote the participation of new national artistic projects, offering a quality program, aimed at all audiences, and with free entry.

Day 8 July (Monday)
22h00 | Inês Barros – 23h00 | The Orange Buzz Band

Day 10 July (Wednesday)
22h00 | Noninho – 23h30 | JonhWhite

Day 12 July (Friday)
22h30 | Mizzy Miles – 11:45 pm | Van Zee
00h45 | Dj Wilson Honored
02.00 | AfroBrothers

The 14th of July (Sunday)
10.00 pm | Némanus

Day 16 July (Tuesday)
10.00 pm | Manu Chao
23h30 | flashback DJ’s – Alcides Barros & Carlos Palavra

Day 18 July (Thursday)
22h00 | Taxi
23.30 | Kold

miguelaraujo osquatroemeia 20240622 cacais©luismserrao ineews s 6047
Miguel Araújo e Os Quatro e Meia < 2024.06.22 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

The 20th of July (Saturday)
22h30 | David Fonseca with the participation of Cláudia Pascoal
00:00 | Overule takeover – 02:00 | Sunlize

Day 22 July (Monday)
22h00 | Peter Stranger English
11pm | Olivia Palito

Day 24 July (Wednesday)
22h00 | Block of Chaos
23h30 | Martinez

Day 26 July (Friday)
22h30 | Slow J Home
00h00 | Breyth
02h00 | LOCALS – Nuno Melo & João Ribau

The 28th of July (Sunday)
22h00 | Miguel Araújo with the participation of Os Quatro e Meia
23h45 | The Bad Monkeys

The 7th of July (Sunday)
22h00 | Band April 12 with Lena d’Água + Senza

Day 9 July (Tuesday)
22h00 | Caco

Day 11 July (Thursday)
22h00 | FESTIM – Nancy Vieira (Cape Verde)
PM | Dave Pearl

Nancy Vieira < Dia da Democracia Cabo Verde > 2024.01.13 < UCCLA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The 13th of July (Saturday)
22h30 | The Hybrid Theory
00:00 | Sara Santini
02:00 | Dave Pearl

Day 15 July (Monday)
10.00pm | Elan Mess
23h00 | M.I.N.A.S

Day 17 July (Wednesday)
22h00 | Moonshiners with participation of Manel Cruz, Peixe and Pedro Prantes
11.30pm | Miguel Costa

Day 19 of July (Friday)
10.30 pm | Lon3r Jonhy
23h45 | Plutonium
1h10 | Insert Coin – 2h20 – Dave Pearl

The 21st of July (Sunday)
22h00 | New Band with Tatanka

Day 23 July (Tuesday)
22h00 | Hotelo
PM | Dave Pearl

Day 25 July (Thursday)
10pm | Quim Barreiros
23h30 | Up to T’Grisas

The 27th of July (Saturday)
10.30 pm | Ivandro
0h00 | Dj Maskarilha – 02h00 | Enois

Ivandro Festival Nossa Lisboa – Altice Arena 2021.09.11 ©Margarida R. – iNeews

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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