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Now is Sara Correia’s time

Coliseu dos Recreios

If there was any doubt about the affection that the Portuguese public has for Sara Correia, that doubt was dispelled, 4 sold-out coliseums, to see this Fado diva, a strong and determined woman who conquers any stage with her voice, as she did at the Coliseu dos Recreios.

After three days of selling out the Coliseu dos Recreios for a fantastic show, on the 22nd it will be Porto’s turn at the Coliseu, to see, hear and feel “Liberdade”.

Sara Correia < 2024.03.09 < Coliseu ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

In the company of Diogo Clemente on viola and artistic direction, Ângelo Freire on Portuguese guitar, Frederico Gato on acoustic bass and Joel Silva, on drums, he performed “Porquê do Fado” in an instrumental version. Next with the wonderful and strong voice of Sara, the concert began, soon winning over all the fans in the room.

Between, “you are beautiful”, “há fadista” and lots of applause, Sara Correia took the audience through the songs that everyone was looking forward to hearing, such as “Tu Ganhas Sempre”, “Não se Demore”, “Se o Mundo dá tantas Voltas”, “Agora o Tempo”, “Tu não me Dizes”, “Balada de Outono”, “Eu já não sei” and “Sou a Casa”.

Sara Correia < 2024.03.09 < Coliseu ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

It was then that she received Israel Fernandez, a Spanish gipsy flamenco singer, on stage, who joined her to sing “Bocas del Mundo”.

Always with little light, with spotlights that were even a little harsh, the stage highlighted Sara throughout the concert, which won over the audience note by note, in a memorable night of fado.

Sara Correia < 2024.03.09 < Coliseu ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

Sara Correia’s new album features fados by some of the best Portuguese composers, such as Diogo Clemente, Joana Espadinha, Pedro Abrunhosa and Carolina Deslandes.

Of course, themes such as “Liberdade”, the fantastic “Chelas”, “Era Deus”, “Marcha da Perdição”, “Maria na Terra”, “Eu Quero”, “Madrugou”, “Quero é Viver” by António Variações and “Pechinchinha ”, could not be missed at the concert, and were welcomed with open arms and lots of applause by everyone who “lived” each verse of Sara.

Sara Correia < 2024.03.09 < Coliseu ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

With the concert coming to an end, she declared her love and gratitude to Diogo Clemente and his “family” of musicians who accompanied him, and he had time to pay homage to one of his references, Amália, with “Estranha Forma de Vida”, with which he said goodbye to the public, but of course no one moved until he returned, and he returned in the middle of the public, in the middle of the Coliseu, among the fans he sang, “Fado Português” and one of his most heard songs at the moment, “Chelas”, with which one of the best Fado concerts ended, and which was signed by Universal Music Portugal.

See here the photos of the Sara Correia Concert at Coliseu dos Recreios

Sara Correia < 2024.03.09 < Coliseu ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews


  • Intro Porquê do Fado – instrumental
  • Porquê do Fado
  • Tu Ganhas Sempre
  • Não se Demore
  • Se o Mundo dá tantas Voltas
  • Agora o Tempo
  • Tu não me Digas
  • Balada de Outono
  • Eu já não sei
  • Sou a Casa
  • Bocas del Mundo with Israel Fernandez
  • Liberdade
  • Chelas
  • Era Deus
  • Marcha da Perdição
  • Maria na Terra
  • Eu Quero
  • Madrugou
  • Quero é Viver
  • Pechinchinha
  • Estranha Forma de Vida
  • Fado Português
  • Chelas

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