Agronomy students from Castelo Branco Agrarian School create mobile garden

Students from the Castelo Branco Agrarian School (ESA) in Castelo Branco have created an itinerant vegetable garden to sensitize the community on the production, consumption and benefits of organic farming and the Mediterranean diet, was announced today.

In a statement, the Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute (IPCB) explains that this initiative with a demonstrative and pedagogical aspect aims to raise awareness of the academic community on the production and consumption of vegetables, and also promoting the benefits of agriculture to the public. organic food and diet based on the Mediterranean diet.

The project was developed at the horticultural course by third year students of the ESA Agronomy undergraduate program which, divided into four groups, created three small scale prototypes presented in class, and then the most viable model was chosen and in which execution. all participated.

To this end, students recycled and reused materials such as pieces and structures of iron or wood from pallets, and the end result is a rustic looking cart similar to the garden beds that are increasingly common on the balconies and terraces of urban dwellings.

Thanks to the wheels with which it is equipped, it can be easily moved, thus protecting itself from adverse weather conditions.

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