Água de Luso wins Gold at the Monde Selection 2020

It is the 11th consecutive year that the quality of the Luso Gold Water is internationally recognized.

Água de Luso, natural mineral water that is the national leader in the still bottled water market, again wins the Gold Medal in the prestigious Monde Selection de la Qualité International Contest, bringing to Portugal another prestigious award.

This distinction reflects, once again, the quality and natural credentials of Água de Luso, which has preserved throughout its more than 160 years, and according to high quality standards, respect for the origins of water, whose secret remains to be Serra do Bussaco.

Água de Luso

Luso Natural Mineral Water is an exceptional resource. It rises at a temperature of 28ºC in the village of Luso. It originates in rainwater infiltrating the Serra do Buçaco, in rocks formed almost exclusively by quartz, called quartzites. The topography of the top quartzites allows them to benefit from high orographic rainfall.

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