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Past Waters by João Tordo selected for Conecta Fiction 2024

Of the more than 300 projects sent, it was one of 8 chosen out of a total of 4 Portuguese projects selected.

The book “Past Waters”, a work written by writer João Tordo, will be adapted into the series format, with production being carried out by Caracol Studios. The project, still in the development phase, was selected for Conecta Fiction, one of the most relevant audiovisual events where it will be presented by the Project’s producer, Joana Domingues and Spanish Co-Producer Paloma Mora.

“I’ve already lost count of the number of readers who have asked me for a TV series inspired by Águas Passadas. And, in fact, when I wrote the book, I always thought that, one day, the adaptation would have to be done – Pilar and Cícero deserve to go from the page to the screen. Adapting this story and reinventing these characters, who are so dear to me, in series format, is a responsibility towards all readers of these books and the original material, which is perhaps one of the most interesting challenges of my job.” said João Tordo, author of the original work and responsible for its adaptation.

“Past Waters” is a thriller based on the detective novel of the same name by João Tordo, published in 2021 and starring PSP sub-inspector Pilar Benamor and Spaniard Cícero Guzman, a mysterious hermit. Pilar will have to investigate the homicides of two young people. Involved in the plot are a high finance banker, a foundation and a businessman.

The realization of this project, still in the development phase, will be the responsibility of Bruno Gascon, creator of the first Portuguese series to be awarded at Conecta Fiction 2022 (O Último Lobo, a co-production Caracol Studios and SPi) also author and director of the series “Irreversível ” for RTP recently selected for MIPDRAMA 2024 in Cannes where it was named as one of the 10 most anticipated series of the year worldwide. “It’s a thriller with all the ingredients to captivate the audience. Ever since I read the book I felt it had tremendous potential.”

For Joana Domingues, this new selection after the project had already been selected for the Fiction Mallorca Pitch “is an excellent indicator of the potential that this project has both nationally and internationally. Given the team’s CV and some of the actors we are negotiating with, I believe that We will do justice to the book of John.”

Four Portuguese audiovisual projects, including the police films “Águas Passadas” and “A Célula Dormecida”, and a Brazilian project about Gisberta Salce will be presented in June at the Conecta market, in Toledo, Spain.

Conecta Fiction & Entertainment is an international market dedicated to the audiovisual industry, which has been taking place since 2017 in Spain, and brings professionals from more than 50 countries into contact to present projects (pitching), debates and lectures.

About the author:

João Tordo is considered one of the best Portuguese writers of his generation and his books are published in several countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay Colombia. He won the José Saramago prize in 2009, with the novel As Três Vidas. He was also a finalist for the Portugal Telecom, Fernando Namora awards, SPA’s Best Narrative Fiction Book and the European Literary Award. In addition to being a writer, he is also a scriptwriter and was most recently involved in the team that wrote the first season of Rabo de Peixe).

Synopsis “Past Water”

For thirteen days in January 2019, rain fell mercilessly over Lisbon. That’s when the first victim appears, on Assentiz beach: a fifteen-year-old girl brought by the tide.
Her body shows marks of sophisticated wickedness. The first agent on site is Pilar Benamor, a PSP deputy commissioner whose courage and commitment to uncovering the truth hide painful secrets.
The young victim is Charlie, daughter of an English businessman, but soon the victim of a second brutal crime, a seventeen-year-old boy, appears in the Monsanto forest, in unspeakable conditions.
These two premature and violent deaths open the way for an investigation that will expose Portuguese high society and the criminal underworld. Throughout this inclement month of winter, Pilar pioneers the investigation, against everything and everyone and with the help of Cicero, a mysterious hermit.
Disobeying superior orders and putting her own life at risk, she will enter the dark and tenebrous world of a psychopath, while struggling with the ghosts she has been carrying for a long time: a police officer father who died on duty, an addiction that consumes her and vulnerability in a male-dominated world.

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