AI dominated the third day of the Web Summit.

Robot Sophia ‘stole’ attention on the main stage of Altice Arena.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being one of the hottest areas in the tech world, it was inevitable that it should be part of this year’s Web Summit. At the summit were present companies and startups who are currently working on their own systems, seeking to shape the future with their advancements.

Robot Sophia (and his ‘brother’ Han) returned to their presence this year at the technology summit, with project manager Ben Goertzel reporting on the advances the team has made in recent years. At the same time, Goertzel sought to respond to the concerns of those who consider advances in AI a danger to society. “If we teach [systems that use artificial intelligence] to be good and have compassion, they will keep those lessons. It’s like children,” Goertzel said.

Although the rise of AI is inevitable, some argue that the area must be carefully monitored. That’s what Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, advocated at a conference on the subject at Altice Arena.

With AI dominating the Web Summit’s main stage, FIL pavilions once again had a very healthy visitor rate, noting the organization’s care in creating networking, co-working and mentoring spaces that take advantage of the diversity of professionals present at the summit.

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