AICA 2018 Awards for Ricardo Bak Gordon and José Loureiro

Ricardo Bak Gordon, an architect and José Loureiro, a plastic artist, were distinguished by the awards of the International Association of Art Critics.

The architect was honoured by the exhibition “The Vocation of the Mites”, presented at the Carmona e Costa Foundation in Lisbon, and Ricardo Bak Gordon was distinguished by his path and also by the way of working, as communicated by the Ministry of Culture.

The jury highlighted the school project in Romanshorn, Switzerland, and the exhibition “Building Stories / Building Stories” presented in 2018 in the CCB South Garage.

The prizes of Visual Arts and Architecture AICA / Ministry of Culture, with the support of Millenium BCP, are attributed annually to two personalities, architecture and visual arts, “whose career path is considered relevant by the critic and whose work has been particularly focused in the year “to which the award relates, in this case, 2018.

The jury was presided by the architect Ricardo Carvalho, and by Celso Martins, Paulo Tormenta Pinto, Rui Mendes and Luísa Soares de Oliveira.

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