AICEP launches ‘artificial intelligence’ site to help companies

AICEP – Portugal’s Foreign Trade and Investment Agency today launched the Portugal Export technology platform, which uses artificial intelligence to help to export companies through personalized services that help them in internationalization.

This ‘site’ is part of the collection of large data to join companies and business opportunities out there, find partners and the best deals in each market, as well as develop business actions and plans for internationalization tailored to each company.

For now, the portal is moving forward with the Internationalization Solution, whereby each company enters its private area and there is information about business opportunities, suggested markets, commercial actions in which to participate and their respective contacts (for example, trade fairs), news and legislation on the sector.

According to AICEP, this is done by evaluating the company’s maturity, financial information, the level of internationalization and the product that it has.

The provision of these services will be made gradually. Nowadays, the companies that can access are from the footwear sector and will be followed by companies of home textiles, wines and clothing.

AICEP expects the technology platform to provide more services in the coming months, such as the ‘online’ internationalization accelerator, aimed at ‘e-commerce’, and ‘business matchmaking’, which allows companies to meet to evaluate business opportunities (which, according to AICEP, is known as the ‘tinder’ of companies).

However, the deadlines for making these services available depend on the public tenders that will be launched.

To develop this site, AICEP worked with organizations and companies in the footwear sector to test if the information given by the system is of interest and make necessary changes.

In the 2017-2020 strategic plan, AICEP registered € 1 million for technological modernization, but once it benefited from the incentive system of the Public Administration Modernization Support System (SAMA), the investment value was revised to three million euros. euros.

AICEP currently has 15 active customers.

In Portugal, it is estimated that there are about 40 thousand exporting companies.

In a meeting with journalists, AICEP’s president, Luís Castro Henriques, said that this platform, as well as other initiatives of the agency, “compete to increase exports”, in order to achieve the objective set out in AICEP’s strategic plan for exports represent 50% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Portugal Export platform is being presented today in Aveiro with the presence of Foreign Minister Santos Silva.

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