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Aires, the Argentine passion restaurant

which recreates Buenos Aires in the 1920s

The Aires restaurant has opened its doors and is the ultimate expression of “Authentic Argentine Passion”. Located in a typical and old “Villa” of Monte Estoril, Aires promises to provide a memorable experience, with the country’s unmissable offerings.

The best meats cooked in a Josper oven, reinterpreted traditional dishes, acclaimed wines, contemporary tango and a sophisticated space with decor. inspired by the characteristic and famous cafés of Buenos Aires, from the 1920s.

Argentine investors, passionate about Portugal, decided to share the best of Argentine cuisine and culture with the Portuguese. With an innovative concept, Aires was born!


The best products and a menu that never ends at Argentinian Asado

A restaurant with a kitchen featuring only the best Argentine cuts, from animals raised on pasture, from carefully selected producers, but which doesn’t just offer the traditional Asado. The Aires menu also features Andean, Gaucho and Patagonian traditional dishes reinterpreted by Marianela Ramadan. An Argentine chef who did not hesitate to accept the challenge of helping the owners manage Aires, together with fellow countrywoman Gabriela Balbi.

If, at the beginning of the millennium, Argentine restaurants became quite popular, in Portugal, Aires has the ambition to recover that tradition, but with an impeccable identity and quality, be it in the gastronomic proposals, but also in the service.

A space where you can breathe Argentine culture

Aires is located in a typical and old “Villa” of Monte Estoril. An emblematic building, but inside, it was completely remodelled to recreate the famous cafes in the city of Buenos Aires, from the 1920s, where Tango or Milonga was danced. A space where there is no shortage of typical checkered floors, arches representing colonial architecture, tango as ambient music, an exclusive wine cellar and even the colour provided by the employees’ traditional “Gaúcho” costumes. In other words, a characteristic space, but, at the same time, distinct; with a sophisticated and, at the same time, relaxed atmosphere; and careful service, but with the informality required to celebrate the best of Argentine cuisine and the country’s cultural diversity.

The importance of details also at the table

A restaurant where the importance of details is genuinely valued, including at the table: custom-made furniture by artisans; handmade dishes cooked in a clay oven as the ancient people of the Andes did and handcrafted knives inspired by the Gaucho tradition. Knives with handles made of wood and animal bone finished at the base of the handle with a compressed Argentine weight. The importance of details extends to the menu, with the cover being made from Argentine cowhide or even the dishes where grilled meat is served, produced in cast iron and preheated in the oven.


A trip through Argentina with just the entries

At Aires, the gastronomic preamble begins with a couvert with a regional flavour made up of homemade bread chips and grilled Andean tortilla, celery mayonnaise eggplant and tomato pâté.

The starters include the “Duo de Empanadas Salteñas” (the classic version and the “charqui gaúcho”), the “Provoleta Clasica”, the “Provoleta Aires” (provolone cheese, arugula, confit tomato, ham flakes, Coca reduction -Cola and Fernet Branca), the “Mollejas Josper” (crispy sausages grilled in the Josper oven, with lemon and parsley emulsion), the “Chorizo ​​Criollo”, the “Medallones de Morcilla” (black pudding medallions with puff pastry, drops of green olive oil, caramelized onion and rain of walnut praline) and the “Andean Tamal Caramel” (tamale stuffed with homemade ‘charqui gaúcho’ meat, wrapped in yellow corn flour) – inspired by the centuries-old culinary tradition of the Argentine Indians.

The most exclusive Argentine meat cuts in the Josper oven

After the starters, it’s time for the different Argentine meat proposals, exclusively from animals raised on pastures.

Different cuts of “Wagyu”, but also of animals of the Black Angus breed, such as “Lomo de Novillo”, “Ojo de Bife Selección Especial”, “Bife de Chorizo ​​Premium” or the most exclusive “Entraña”, all cooked with charcoal, in a Josper oven, considered the Rolls-Royce of grills!


Side dishes for all tastes

As a side dish, there are many options: from the “Pure-Mousse Al Mabec” (a creamy potato puree and Malbec heart), the “Champiñones a La Patagonia” (fragrant mushrooms with garlic oil and red fruit reduction), the “Vegetables Asados ​​a Fuego Vivo” (tomato, onion, peppers, garlic, carrot, sweet potato and eggplant), the “Boniatos de Campo” (sweet potatoes cooked with skin, sage butter and Roequefort cheese crumbs), the “Papas Fritas Rusticas” (potatoes with Provençal and ground chilli), “Arroz Tostado” (roasted rice with herb butter and turmeric), as well as two salad options, the “Ensalada Aires” and the “Ensalada Clasica”.

Signature dishes inspired by the best Argentine cuisine

The “Double Cooked Patagonian Ribs in Malbec” are one of Aires Estoril’s signature dishes. First braised, then softened, for six hours, in Malbec and finished in the Josper oven, they are accompanied by grilled vegetables and toasted beetroot bread. “Milanesa Aires” is another dish that is exclusive to the Monte Estoril restaurant. A breaded dumpling, in breadcrumbs, semolina and parmesan cheese, served with Provençal fries and celery and tomato chutney sauces. Humita Aires, also in a vegan version, and Gran Ensalada Andina complete the menu.

Also the best Argentine sweets

To end the meal, a diverse range of desserts: the “Chocotorta” (cake made with chocolate biscuits, coffee, dulce de leche and cream), the “Panqueques de Dulce de Leche” (dulce de leche pancakes served with a ball of cream ice cream and Mantecol crumbs), the “Dulce de Leche Triology” (cone of dulce de leche, corn starch alfajor stuffed with dulce de leche and Cabsha of white chocolate and dulce de leche), the “Flan with Dulce de Leche” (with cane honey cream foam and toasted dried fruit sand), “Volcan Aires” (dark chocolate volcano with white chocolate heart and ice cream) and “Ananas al Amlbec” (cooked pineapple slices in wine, cloves and orange drops, accompanied by ice cream and mint powder).


Exclusive wine cellar, excellent Argentine wines and… mate!

Argentina is the world’s fifth-largest wine producer. A series of natural factors, together with a historic winemaking tradition, combine to give Argentine wines a unique identity and quality. Most of the vineyards are planted between 600 and 2,000 meters of altitude – but there are even records at more than 3,300 meters! – along a line 1,500 km long, in the Andes Mountains. In other words, a huge variety of terroirs and microclimates, but with one common denominator: altitude. Not being rich in organic matter, the soils allow the somewhat restricted growth of vines, which enhances the production of high-quality fruit and genuine flavours. The water that results from the melting of the Andes is the main source of irrigation. Water that is completely pure and free from the influence of any contaminating activity.

Among the red varieties, the predominant one is the famous Malbec, followed by Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. These four varieties represent 80% of red grape production. Among white grapes, Pedro Giménez, Torrontés Riojano, Chardonnay and Moscatel de Alejandría represent around 70% of white grape production.

The Aires wine cellar is a tribute to Argentine wines, with a careful selection of the best wines from the North of the country (Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán and Catamarca regions) and Cuyo (La Rioja, San Juan and Mendoza regions).


A Aires Private Selection integra premiados e internacionalmente conhecidos vinhos argentinos mais premiados, com o objetivo de proporcionar uma experiência vínica ainda mais exclusiva.

Além dos vinhos, o Aires também disponibiliza cocktails de assinatura com a erva-mate como ingrediente, esse grande símbolo cultural da Argentina. O Mate reflete a gentileza do convite, a generosidade e o gosto que o argentino tem em partilhar, mas também o respeito e a importância de dizer… obrigado!

Aires: Espaço distinto e ambiente sofisticado

O Aires Estoril reabilitou uma típica e antiga “Villa” do Monte Estoril. A fachada do edifício manteve-se inalterada, enquanto, no interior, procurou recriar-se os tão característicos e famosos cafés de Buenos Aires, dos anos 20. Época em que a capital argentina estava sob os holofotes internacionais, inspirando e exportando para o mundo uma indelével paixão pela vida.

Um espaço com capacidade para 46 comensais, com um design de interiores onde também sobressai a qualidade dos materiais (como o mármore Calacata Gold, proveniente das minas italianas de Carrara), os arcos que caraterizam a arquitetura colonial e a adega aberta.


Aires focuses on a sophisticated and distinct environment, also guided by Tango music, in a contemporary version. Classified as the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations, it is one of Argentina’s greatest cultural symbols and one of the greatest expressions of human passion. Originating from the streets of Buenos Aires in the 18th century, it is the result of a mixture of countless native and European cultures that come together to express strong feelings and an irresistible passion. The Tango craze began at the beginning of the last century, becoming popular around the world after reaching New York and Paris.

A project that aims to provide a gastronomic experience centred on excellent products and careful service. The small size of the space, the professionalism and dedication of the employees, as well as the warm and intimate atmosphere, enhance the pleasure and conviviality at the table.

Aires offers the most modern selection of Tango music, creating a sophisticated and engaging yet intimate environment that fits perfectly into Aires‘ unique culinary experience.

The founders of Aires believe that passion is the essence of Argentine life, reflected in cuisine, wine and music. Marlene Dietrich stated: “Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil, they throw flowers at you. In Argentina, they throw themselves.”

aires chef marianela ramadan
Aires chef Marianela Ramadan

The best of Argentina from Wednesday to Sunday

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, Aires is open for dinner only. On Fridays and Saturdays for lunches and dinners and on Sundays for lunches, but also dinners, from June 23, 2024.

About Aires

Aires is more than a restaurant; is a celebration of Argentine culture and passion. With a dedicated team and a welcoming atmosphere, Aires is an invitation to experience the authenticity and sophistication of Argentina, in the heart of Monte Estoril.

For more information or to make reservations, visit our website or contact us on 934 453 242.

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