Aitana, undisputed leader of Pop in Spain, premieres “Los Ángeles”

his new and innovative song with which he presents his new cycle, Alpha

The artist known to the Portuguese for her participation in “Mon Amour” with Zzoilo, the most-played theme on national radio in 2022, now presents herself without archetypes.

This composition represents a paradigm shift from the negative connotations imposed on sex, physical relationships, and love. With an electronic base, which is both liberating and stimulating, Aitana dispels prejudices and preconceived ideas about our most instinctive and passionate acts, promoting rather the diversity and richness of spontaneity.

Without imposing a frenetic rhythm, but very involving, “Los Ángeles” motivates us to dance, letting our most fortuitous movements flow, making us feel, in essence, freer and safer. The music video for the new single by the Spaniard is a reflection of free will.

The international artist has been clarifying the unknowns about this project through her social networks: in a live show she revealed that it will be an album with few collaborations, full of house influences, and in which only “Formentera” and “En El Coche” will be included, themes that were previously edited as singles.


The call of a generation seeking change.

Alpha represents a new age, a beginning, as in the Greek alphabet. Alpha is the catalyst for a community that seeks to transform the world and leave behind the negative concept of what it means to be an alpha leader adding value to those who make it up.

It’s not just an album, it’s the union of ideals of all those looking for a new future.

Alpha is a safe space for anyone wanting to join a community where its members are mutually supportive.

Everyone can be Alpha because the values it represents are already intrinsic in the new generations. Alpha is just the name for a generational movement that has been around for many years.

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